The dragonborne are one of the most recent races to appear in the world. Created by the dragons, dragonborne came to be roughly 350 years ago, however they didn’t become an independent race until about half a century later, during the Dragon-born Rebellion. Their (comparatively) recent introduction into the world has caused some to be skeptical of them. Most people sympathize with their history of enslavement and respect the bravery it took to fight off their dragon overlords, but some are afraid of their overly zealous attitude towards war, and believe a race born from blood will always be aggressive and uncultured.

These complaints are not unreasonable. Being a race with a history of violence and war, dragonborne culture values battle highly. It’s not unheard of for entire families to enlist in the military. Many dragonborne believe the highest honor there is is to die in battle for something you believe in. Dragonborne are excellent warriors and tacticians for their natural fighting ability and history.

Originally, the dragonborne were called “dragonborn” because they were born from the dragons. They elected to call themselves “dragonborne” because the withstood the dragons. Interestingly, the conflict between the dragonborne and the dragons is called the “Dragon-born” Rebellion because the conflict started because of the dragons.


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